God Uses Geometry

God or Nature creates the world with geometry (Urizen, by William Blake)

There are a few versions of this image of God reaching down from the heavens with a compass or "dividers" in his hand. Blake was a Freemason and rose to one of the highest positions in that organization. My current belief is that one of the great secrets of the Freemasons, passed forward only orally to members over the centuries, was the information that the real physical universe is constructed by means of Geometry (G), or Proportion. The way that we construct shapes with a compass and straightedge is in fact more than an analogy for the construction of the universe. I believe there are molecules that function as a straightedge by comparing the lengths of lines (rows of atoms or molecules), and others that function as a compass by comparing the sizes of angles between bonded atoms and molecules. And that is all that is needed for the basic matter of Nature, atoms and molecules, to be self-organizing. This is the Secret of Life in the Universe. This is my opinion based on interpreting documentation of human history, but my development of this opinion has never involved obtaining information through membership in the Freemasons or Rosicrucians or any other organization. John Manimas, October 23, 2007.

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