The Bi-Theism of Christian Religion

Copyright 2011, John Manimas Medeiros

Where Did They Get Mono-theism?

Remember Social Studies, or World History or maybe a course you took in college, when the teacher said that a great change took place in the world when an ancient people (having been ignorant pagans) changed from a polytheistic religion to Christian monotheism, and human progress accelerated. Mono-theism, meaning "one God" sustains a wiser and healthier civilization, a civilization with moral and scientific values. The only problem is that Christian culture is not a mono-theistic culture; it is bi-theistic: two Gods.

One God is good, that's God, or The Father, who was previously known by other names, such as Yahweh, or Jehovah. He is the Creator of the Universe, the boss of all bosses. The second God is Satan. He lives in Hell -- but is apparently capable of traveling wherever he wants to go, anywhere except to that space that is occupied by God Himself. Now I know that the immediate objection will be that Satan, the Ruler of Hell, the land of infinite and eternal fire, is not supposed to be a "God," although there is the legend that He is a fallen Angel. He was, in fact, the most powerful Angel in all of Heaven, but he was jealous of God, and rebellious. So, for his jealousy and rebellion, he was cast into Hell and condemned to be evil forever. The Lord of the Flies; the God of Evil; the Prince of Darkness, etc. etc. So much for the glory of being Number Two. No Silver Medal for Satan, just a vast realm of burning shit. That is, the infinitely burning bodies of the evil people who went to Hell -- because their souls were either weak or evil and they were "captured" by Satan. This is what Satan does. This is what he likes. He hates to be in Hell alone. He does not want to suffer eternal punishment alone. He loves company. I guess this shows us something about the character of the real Boss, the God of Gods. His right-hand-Angel, the one who was the most powerful, the one who could have been competition, gets not just punishment, or annihilation, or extinguished. Being brought to a final end, ceasing to exist, is not a punishment befitting rebellion against the Great One, the Authority Who is Never to be Challenged. So, God, the God of Gods, the God of Goodness, invented eternal punishment by eternal pain. The God of Gods becomes the Sadist of Sadists, the One Who Punishes Not Once and Finally but Forever and Ever, over and over again, because the punishment for challenging authority must not be something that brings one's existence to a close. That would end the punishment. We cannot have punishment that ends. We must have punishment that goes on forever, torture. The God of Goodness therefore, is the Creator of Infinite Torture. How reasonable!

But let us return to Satan, whose face is red or black or both, and twisted in a grimace of obscene sadistic pleasure, an ugly face of cruel and prurient laughter, the eyes of one who enjoys watching others fall into the infinite torture of Hell. He has power. Or does He? This seems to be the pertinent question. This is definitely the pertinent question. Because, if he has no power, he is neither Satan nor Angel, not good or evil, just irrelevant. He becomes a joke and a myth if he has no power. Can he take my soul from God? Take your soul away, away from yourself? Away from the loving and protective embrace of God? If "Yes," then he is as powerful as God Himself, fighting against Him for power over the eternal fate of your soul: either eternal happiness or eternal suffering! Anyone interested in a day of rest that has a final end? Why this extreme gamble? Either eternal joy or eternal torture? How about I bet my pinky finger?

So anyway, I hope you can see that if Satan has power, any power over you or me or how people behave, then this traditional Christian religion cannot logically make the claim that it is a mono-theistic religion. It has to be bi-theistic. If Satan has power, can persuade me to steal or to lie or to murder, hypnotize me, invade my sub-conscious, tempt me, seduce me, lead me astray, so that my soul is blackened (not unlike Cajun catfish) and condemned to eternal pain, I would have to say that this religious game is a battle between Two Gods. They each want my soul, and it is up to me to choose between the chocolate cake and the anus of a skunk. Why so many people choose the skunk I will never fathom, but it does tell us that Satan does indeed have power, and Satan is God #2 in the bi-theistic religion that lies all the time by saying that it is mono-theistic. So, maybe, because of this inbred deception, all Christians are automatically captured by Satan because they are liars. God #2 wins by default. Kiss your eternal joy goodbye, sucker.


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