What Will Happen Next in Your Republican Republic!

Watch for Cosmic Disaster for Freedom and Democracy!

(Campaign Message #4 from John Manimas:  July 30, 2016)




It looks like the American voter has become mentally disabled and votes for political candidates by the same process they employ to select toppings for their pizzas and ice cream sundaes:  whatever is colorful and full of fat or sugar.  This type of voting strategy gives us a steady stream of con artists and sociopaths who believe that running for office is the same as selling things that no one needs.  You take money, you get elected, and then you write laws that help the people who gave you money.  The Republican Party has come to excel at this strategy and they may continue to control the American government.  They may get both the Presidency and the Congress under their control in 2016.  If they do, what follows here is a description of what will happen next, and why.  This is an accurate description of your United States of America if we make the fantastic mistake of electing the Republican Party to govern our country.


First, as fast as a bullet fired from an automatic weapon, all illegal immigrants will be granted the status of "guest workers."  That will make their presence legal and they will be available to fill all of the jobs that global corporations cannot fill with American citizens because American citizens do not apply for jobs that pay $4.00 an hour. 


Second, labor unions will be labelled as anti-American organizations that are like terrorists whose goal is to disrupt the "exceptional" capitalist American economy. 


Third, the Congress will pass a law that prohibits the states from passing or enforcing any minimum wage law as a form of socialist subversion and a violation of the right to work. 


Fourth, health insurance and medical care will again be linked to private employment and anyone who does not work for a capitalist will not have medical insurance. 


Fifth, a crucifix will be erected on the White House Lawn and Ellis Island to welcome more "guest workers" to the United States.  Ironically, the Republican Party will not get the subtle concept that the crucifix is not a happy suggestion for people who are economically enslaved. 


Sixth, the crisis in higher education will be solved by simply establishing a system whereby a global corporation can make education loans to students in exchange for their contract to work for the company for ten years following graduation.  That way the power of global corporations to run everything will be perfected.  The citizen will be controlled from cradle to grave by being in debt from cradle to grave.  There will soon be no credit limit on your credit card and no limit on the interest rates.  You will not be able to cancel or terminate your credit card account except by paying the entire balance due.


WHAT IS THE REASON why these terrible things will happen in the New American Century of the Republican Republic?  The answer is simple.  Because the founders of the United States of American wrote a Constitution that describes political freedoms but does not include any economic rights or freedoms.  As soon as our new nation was born and established a political culture of free speech and competing ideas, the nobility jumped on their opportunities to enslave people by economic means.  They tried legal slavery for sixty years, but that was too blatantly cruel and immoral, so they turned to industrialization and buying up the farmland so that men had to work in a factory to get money but had no land to feed themselves.  Later they added the "revolving charge account" that became the modern credit card so that citizens would be perpetually in debt.  The minority of rich nobility uses the banks and the capitalist investment economic system, which they call "free enterprise," to enslave the citizens as workers imprisoned in debt.  You cannot be free if you owe banks money and the only way to get money is to work for a private capitalist.  That, my fellow citizens, is the "ownership society" that you will vote into power, over you, in 2016.


* BUT YOU -- VOTERS IN THE WEST COAST STATES -- CAN SAVE AMERICA AND THE WORLD by watching the election results on election night to see how every state becomes either "too close to call" or 50.5% to 49.5% WHICH IS THE POLARIZATION SET UP BY THE TWO-PARTY DISASTER.  THAT will show the west coast voters that the 2016 election is set up to be stolen by planned election fraud committed by the Republican Party.  The Republican Party uses the Klan and crazy white fundamentalist survivalists to infiltrate local election boards so that they can fake losing ballots or spoiling ballots or misprinting ballots or flawed voting machines and whatever method can enable them to steal the election like they did in Florida in 2000.  IF ANY ONE OF THE WEST COAST STATES VOTES FOR JOHN MANIMAS BY WRITE-IN VOTE, then I can donate my presidential electoral votes to Hilary Clinton in exchange for a genuine commitment to the seven principles of the REAL DEMOCRACY PARTY.  That is how vote donation accomplishes a PARTY COALITION between a major and minor political party.  Hilary Clinton will be elected and the election system in the United States of America will be transformed from the Two-Party Disaster to a real democracy and multi-party system.  This  IS  the real opportunity that voters on the west coast have to save their country and the world from having the U.S.A become a failed nation.       


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