The "There are no accidents" theory of American

Politics: How the Racist Nobility Will Get Donald Trump Elected

(Campaign Message #5 from John Manimas: August 20, 2016)



It looks like the American voter is gullible enough to be controlled by a nobility determined to steer the U.S.A. to the far right and achieve their financial goal of an enslaved labor force. This will be, if successful, similar to the slave labor force of the 1830s, but this time it will include everyone, not just Africans. The Republican candidates do not excel at statesmanship or economics; they excel at "voter management." According to the "There are no accidents" theory of American politics, what is happening in and with the Donald Trump campaign is not accidental. It is part of a very carefully executed plan to get him elected to the Presidency by the Congress, because the Congress has the Constitutional power to elect (appoint) the President, according to specified Constitutional rules, whenever no candidate wins a majority of the presidential electoral votes. Hillary Clinton will not win a majority of the electoral votes because the contrived "third party" candidates will suck votes away from her. None of this is an accident of history. It is the planned strategy of the unnamed nobility that governs the U.S.A. and effectively blocks majority rule. Majority rule is what you have when you have a real democracy. The "no accidents" theory has applied to American politics for a long time.


Working backwards through history, it was not an accident that the nobility sent your children to fight in Iraq because the American Oil Cartel, a division of the "Military-Industrial Complex" named by President Dwight Eisenhower inn January 1960, wanted to be sure that the financial nobility had access to the oil supplies of the Middle East. None of the Muslim civilians in that region felt "liberated" when they were blown up or shot with a radioactive depleted uranium bullet. It was not an accident that 50,000 American youth died in Vietnam because that same American Oil Cartel, with much of their power centered in Houston, had a friend in President Lyndon Johnson and they wanted to control the government of Vietnam in the belief that they could then have access to oil resources (drilling concessions) known to be located in the South China Sea. The financial nobility that controls the Armed Forces of the United States did not expect the Vietnamese to imitate the American colonists of the East Coast and "live free or die."


The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was carefully planned and executed, except for the home movie of Abraham Zapruder, because President Kennedy wanted to tell the American people the truth, about everything. Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated for the same reason. The Kennedy's were dangerous to the Racist American Nobility because the Kennedy's believed in majority rule. It was no accident that the Japanese attacked the U. S. Navy stationed in Hawaii, an American colonial territory at that time, because the United States continued its rapid and overwhelming expansion of territory and military presence from the east coast of North American, across the Appalachian Mountains, across the Mississippi River, and by rolling over the United States of Mexico and the Rocky Mountains, then northwest over the Cascades to the Oregon Territory, South into Central America (Cuba, etc.), and west to the South Pacific Islands and the Philippines, Japan's closest neighbor that is not China. China was neutralized by the British and the Europeans in Hong Kong and Shanghai. It was reasonable, then, to expect the European Americans to colonize the Philippine Islands and invite the colonists to vote to join the United States, just like they did from Tennessee to California. Napoleon, one of the world's great conquerors, sold the Louisiana Territory to the U.S.A., one third of the continent, rather than experience the embarrassment of having it stolen from "a handful of savages" like the eastern half of the U.S.A. Similarly, the Russian Czar knew that if he did not "sell" Alaska to the U.S.A. the Europeans colonizing Alaska would follow the usual script of voting to join the U.S.A. The will of the people. We want to be the U.S.A., so we are the U.S.A., backed by the United States Navy, and Marines, and Army. From the viewpoint of non-Europeans, the United States of America was created by a successful process of expansion by invasion and it was perfectly reasonable for the Japanese to expect that the Philippines would be declared to be a territory of the United States and the Japanese people who had been independent for thousands of years would then have the world's most successful empire breathing up their ass. That is why the Japanese attacked the European-American colony at Pearl Harbor, because Hawaii was the arrow of American expansion aimed at their heart. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a defensive action. Japan wanted to stop the spider that ate the world.


Of course, this is not the U.S.A. that you know, where everyone gets a chance to work for a private corporation and have picnics with hot dogs and ice cream, and everyone lives in peace so long as they borrow money and agree to be in debt from birth till death and usually after death too. In the U.S.A., everyone is married to a bank: "till death do us part." You know the America of sports and beer and pizza, pride and country music and entertainment where all the heroes are Americans. But what follows is how the Corrupt Financial Nobility of the U.S.A., the Plutocracy and Oligarchy and "Financial Industrial Complex" is going to get Donald Trump Elected: First, the Donald's crazy behavior and inflammatory rhetoric is planned, contrived and expertly executed. The purpose of his extreme and racist right wing campaign is to assure the controlling racist nobility that he will comply with the goals of the Ku Klux Klan and the Christian Fundamentalists and armed white supremacists. He will be a "good boy" President. He will get elected by a simple but effective plan. The intensive campaign against Hillary Clinton, focused on her personality and assembled from a box of lies, will be accompanied by fake objections to the craziness of Mr. Trump and the sudden development of "third party" candidates who will each call themselves some kind of Republican but who will claim policy positions strangely similar to those of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. These fly-by-night political inventions will suck votes away from Donald Trump AND Hillary Clinton, and no candidate will receive the required majority of the presidential electoral votes. Then, according to the clear and concise Constitutional provisions of Article II, the Congress will vote for President WITH EACH STATE HAVING ONE VOTE THAT IS CAST BY THE STATE LEGISLATURE. And, because more than 25 states have a legislature that is controlled by the Republican Party, Donald Trump will be elected President. And it will all look like it just happened, what a surprise, just like the explosion of the Maine in Havana Harbor and the attack on the Turner Joy in the Gulf of Tonkin. None of these events are accidental. American elections are well-managed events because the American voters have been trained to choose Presidents like they choose flavors.


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