Chemically Induced Immune System Failure

A Prophecy: I am moved to advise you of the most grievous future that will befall our grandchildren (those born between 1995 and 2005).

I do not believe that natural disasters will come to us as part of the mythical end times promoted by scriptural fundamentalists. However, I do believe we will experience the abominations and desolation due to our own irresponsible behavior, as follows. It has been noted by scientists, and published on television, that hundreds of manufactured chemical substances are found in small quantities in human blood. Both the types of chemicals and the quantity appears to increase over time. The later one is born, the more chemicals one is exposed to and the more chemicals find there way into one's bloodstream. Humans, being profoundly motivated by denial of negative realities, have dramatically underestimated the risk of harm caused by creating a society in which we are surrounded by toxic substances. Here is what is happening, and what is to come.

The chemical substances that find there way into the human bloodstream, from clothing, from household cleaning products, from medications, from pesticides and herbicides, from motor fuels and industrial cleaning agents, from food preservatives and packaging, all function the same as any medication or toxin. They do not cause any noticeable effects until they reach a specific dosage level. That is why the Environmental Protection Agency, which I call the "Industrial Protection Agency" and the Food and Drug Administration, which I call the "Food and Drug Industry Protection Administration," issue statements about how many "parts per million" of lead or arsenic or benzene or mercury or other toxic substance is allowed to be in a product, or in the air, water or soil before the "dosage" level is deemed unacceptable or unlawful.

For our grandchildren, to whom we have bequeathed the wonderful world of chemical industry, the toxic dosage level for several manufactured chemicals will be reached before they reach age fifty. When a chemical invader reaches "toxic dosage" level in the blood, the human immune system goes into alarm and produces the same kind of response as it would to a bacterial or virus infection. The chemical agent is actually "read" by the immune system as being more or less the same as an infection, a chemical infection. In fact, many bacterial or viral infections do not harm us because of the bacteria or virus itself but rather due to the toxic chemicals produced by the bacteria or virus. Therefore, the immune systems of our grandchildren will begin their action to capture and neutralize and dispose of the toxic chemical invaders, and in the process the immune system will be challenged and debilitated by the chemical invaders. This process of trying to neutralize and expel chemical toxins in the blood will result in a weakening of the immune system that will be similar to the HIV/AIDS process. With the immune system already weakened, any additional attack by a host of common bacterial and viral infections will overwhelm the body, and people will experience what I call here Immune System Failure (ISF). It should be called Chemically Induced Immune System Failure (CISF), but our industry-controlled government will purposely refuse to acknowledge that the abominations and desolation is caused by the wonderful world of chemistry. Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of Americans will die a slow and painful death from this condition. This condition will occur also in Europe and China and other intensely industrialized nations. The government will continue to claim that the best way to cope with this problem is through more chemical technology. The families of the deceased will most likely disagree. People will become afraid to do anything, including eating and cleaning house, that might cause them to take more toxic chemicals into their bodies. Chemical scientists and engineers will burn their degrees and change their names. Chemical industries will shut down. There will be abominations -- people dying -- and desolation -- a paralyzed economy, a paralyzed and devastated world.

On what evidence do I base this "prophecy?"

High school chemistry and biology, and scientific observation, and the first principle of physical science: There is no such thing as a cause that has only one effect.

One more thing I almost forgot: the abominations and desolation will be very expensive.

Solution: The solution to this problem, the preventive solution, is to put into practice two defenses against dangerous chemicals in the environment:

1) Link to: (Total Cost Accounting) and 2) (Absolute Liability) -in exchange for profit or use of the chemical product.

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