What is the Church of Christ?

No organization or institution can make a valid claim to be the church of Christ. There is the church of Paul and Constantine - the Roman Catholic Church, and many offshoots. But at the scene of the transfiguration, when the disciples with Christ got excited and said “Let’s put up tents, mark this holy spot and make the foundation for a temple -- and a new religion,” -- Jesus said, “No, do no such thing, and do not even tell anyone, ever, what you saw here.” Christ never founded an institutional church or gave a community a set of rules for holy orders or for an organizational structure. However, he gave his life and example of five behaviors:

1) He taught - he provided information;

2) He healed;

3) He worked;

4) He regarded everyone as equal in the eyes of God;

5) He refused to employ violent force to achieve his purposes.

This is the church of Christ, who said “Wherever two or more of you are gathered together in my name [meaning in honor of these five behaviors], I am there also.” This is therefore the religion of Jesus and the church of Jesus and the only church that Jesus recommended and declared himself a member of. To be a member of this religion and church of Jesus Christ, pursue the five behaviors that Jesus taught and practiced during his lifetime:

1) Teach - provide information you have to whoever needs it;

2) Heal in whatever way you are able to heal;

3) Work - contribute to the productivity of the community;

4) Treat everyone as equal in the eyes of God, or before the laws of Nature;

5) Refuse to employ violent force to achieve any of your goals.

No certificate or card is issued. You know who you are.

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