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The Cosmic Lie - a story

Copyright 2008, John Manimas Medeiros

This is a very old story. It is the concept taught to us as a side dish to every meal, an unspoken greeting that accompanies every encounter. It is the world's deepest darkest secret, more deep and more dark than what you think is your most feared shame.

Long ago humankind discovered a truth that they immediately believed is the most dangerous of all truths. This is the cosmic truth that must be hidden at all costs. This truth is the truth that is hidden by the cosmic lie and the cosmic conspiracy. This is the conspiracy "theory" that puts to rest all other conspiracy theories. This is the conspiracy that makes all other conspiracies trivial, because it is real, because it is convincing, because it is devastating beyond anything you could imagine. You have been taught since the day you took your first breath that you must not even consider this truth. It is forbidden by the most obvious method, the method being that it is never mentioned. The opposite of this dangerous truth is taught incessantly by all religions. But how did this cosmic lie begin? Who teaches the lie and hides the truth? What simple truth is so dramatically dangerous?

Here is the story. Long ago humankind noticed that humans are a colony. Humans are like bees and like ants, like a herd of cattle or sheep. We live and die together. We survive as a community and no individual human can survive alone, not even an adult. The infant human is more vulnerable than most other animals, even than most plants. The human newborn is guaranteed to die if it does not have a strong human community to protect it. The human child is vulnerable, must be nurtured and trained to make a contribution to the hive and the nation. The individual is cut off at birth and potentially loose, and must be re-attached. The illusion of separation must not be allowed to grow. It is a threat to the state and to all. The individual must be assigned a role, like a worker bee. We are not artists and singers or inventors or warriors or leaders or heroes. You are a leaf-cutter, a pollen collector, a grass-eater, a device for fertilizing plains, for cultivating orchards and vines, a herd of sheep and goats as far as the eye can see. You are a shipwright and a cartwright and a house wright. You are a smelter and a blacksmith and a wordsmith and a stone smith. You are a cell in a tissue. You are a corpuscle that moves but within the enclosure of arteries and veins.

Go to Rome and Egypt to view the ruins. The ancient signs are there, the bee and the hive, the dung beetles, the vast armies of workers that carved and assembled exquisitely beautiful monuments of stone. These are not only in Rome and Greece and Egypt. They are in China, Africa, the lost civilizations of the Americas, the South Pacific Islands, the hidden interiors of Asia, in the highest mountains, in caves, under the sea. The signs are everywhere, the signs of the colonies of workers, the legions of builders, the advancing farmers, the giant bone heaps and shell heaps of hunters and gatherers who could hunt all that there is to be hunted and gather all that there is to be gathered.

And there are stories of heroes, individuals who change the course of history. They save the clan or the family or the city or the nation, or the dream image of the human identity, or a tribe or the seed that is needed for the next harvest. Who are these individuals? Why does there seem to be always one story told a thousand different ways? Why do you know the middle and the end of the story in the first moment that you hear the beginning? Because it is a lie, the cosmic lie. Why is it a lie? Because it is a lie of omission, a manipulative lie, because it is ever so slightly true, but still totally false. Why was this lie told? Why is it still told? What is the cosmic, dark secret truth that overturns the common lie? Here is the story a little further.

Long ago, some men observed the hive and appointed themselves to be the protectors of the colony, the preservers of order, the controllers of society. And they found the best means to control society. This occurred before history was written. And it occurred again after history was written. But it could not be written. It is so dangerous, it is never written, except that now it is written here. This cosmic secret is whispered but never openly discussed. It is the cosmic secret of the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians, of the Gnostics and a legion of old secret societies and secret fraternal organizations. The core of this secret was touched in 1938 when Orson Welles and his radio station staff announced to the world that Martian spaceships, similar to the spaceships described by H. G. Wells in his fictional novel War of the Worlds, were landing in New Jersey and other points on the East Coast of North America. People panicked and ran from their homes, tried to escape the alien humanoids who they believed had come to devour them or burn them with a death ray of fire. This "experiment" was not taken lightly. Welles was ostracized but also praised for the realism of his big terrifying joke. Thousands of people had been genuinely and deeply frightened. Why is that? Why is the thought of another human race existing in this world frightening to us? The reason is simple, because the existence of another human race, from another planet, casts serious doubts on all of human religions as they are taught. The existence of another species makes us far less important and radically changes the meaning of our religious beliefs. But this in itself is not the cosmic secret. I will tell you now. You have earned it, if you think you can take it.

Have you ever studied "comparative religion"? It means studying or at least learning about other religions and comparing them to one another. If you have done this, or if you were to do it, you would certainly notice that all human religions have many things in common. Students of "comparative religion" have noticed that there are similar rituals, and certainly similar moral rules or "moral laws." Serious students of religion who also possess a respect for psychological science will have noticed that in all religions there are conditions which allow a moral "law" to be suspended or "modified" to accommodate special conditions. Even casual observers will have noticed the similarities in holy days and holiday celebrations, the special foods, nighttime rituals and forms of fasting, penance, renewal, feasting and rejoicing. It all looks like a common cloth with different patterns. This is not the outrageous cosmic secret.

The cosmic secret truth is that there is no individual salvation. There is no individual judgment. When Jesus said that his Father in Heaven would make a final judgment of humankind, and separate the bad "goats" from the good "sheep" he meant judgment of entire species of humanoids, not the billions of individual members. We are not saved or damned as individuals, but only as the human species. We must be rewarded with life and responsibility or discarded as useless all together as a species. This means that in order to be "saved" as in "Are you saved?" we have to work together so that we will all be saved. No individual is going to be saved unless we, the human species, are all saved as one. This is the cosmic truth. It is believed by the controllers of human society that if we know this secret truth, we will go mad or be so distraught and angry we will become violent and destructive. This is the cosmic truth, the darkest deepest secret that has been combated by every religion for thousands of years. We are persistently taught that we can each save ourselves by "being good," even if much of the rest of the human race behaves badly and fails the moral tests of a judgmental God. This is what is taught by every religion in one form or another, with or without a caste system, with reincarnation or without reincarnation. We are all taught to believe that we can each save ourselves. We cannot do that. We can only choose to save the entire species, or let it rot in hell. That is the moral choice each of us makes. There is no escape from this cosmic truth. "You are not alone" does not mean you should be comforted. "You are not alone" means that you cannot be alone; you cannot be saved on your own. You are a pollen collector, a leaf-cutter, a grass-eater, a fertilizer of the plains. You are connected to a hive from which you cannot detach yourself, no matter what you think or say or do. You live or die with me and all of the rest of the human species. Are you glad that you now know the truth? Are you saved? Now tell me with whom do you have a personal relationship? And, what would Jesus do? Would a single word of Jesus' teaching be different if we must save ourselves together rather than save ourselves separately? Are human beings ready to hear this cosmic truth? (Author's note: I am not now and never have been a member of the Freemasons or the Rosicrucians or any other secret society. I have not sought nor found any secret documents and I have not asked any member of any secret society to tell me their secrets.)

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