(Proposed) [Delayed Enactment]

Universal Chemical Risk Labeling Act

Copyright 2010, John Manimas Medeiros

Rationale: Based on three hundred years of experience with modern chemical science, virtually every chemical product presents a risk of environmental harm, extremely destructive and dangerous harm in many cases, due to "unintended consequences." It is a basic principle of science that: "There is no cause that has only one effect." Due to this inescapable reality, labels on chemical products sold on the open and free market are nearly all deceptions, all lies by the producer to the buyer about the qualities of the product and how it causes serious injury or loss to the customer and to human civilization. Therefore, all industrial producers of products for sale shall affix the following notice on their products in print that is larger than the smallest print used on the label and large enough to be read by a person with limited vision.

For the following types of products:

A) Cleaning agents, compounds intended for use to treat the surface or preserve or improve the desired qualities of any material found in the home or workplace;

B) Pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and any compound intended to control or remove mold, mildew, bacteria or any other living microbe;

C) Paints, varnishes, stains and any other coatings or treatments that are intended to protect or strengthen or extend the durable period of usefulness of any material found in the home or workplace;

D) Pharmaceuticals, drugs and medicines for humans or livestock or household pets;

E) Any genetically modified or patented chemical, plant or animal product;

F) Miscellaneous chemical products that do not fit logically into categories A through E.

This product -- product name -- is a [category (A, B, C, D, E, F)] chemical and it may cause severe and lasting harm to living things in the natural environment. It may cause human disease or disability such as memory loss or damage to a vital organ. It may persist in the air, soil or water indefinitely causing physical harm and cause a tax burden and economic problems for many years, possibly centuries, after it is used and any remaining unused product is dumped or discarded. Buyers and users of this product are required by law to follow precise procedures for storing or recycling this product, and to avoid dumping or discarding this substance anywhere.

General standards for exemption from Universal Chemical Labeling:

A chemical product may be exempted from the Universal Chemical Labeling if and only if the product has been demonstrated by a government-approved third party tester to degrade into harmless substances within three to six months under normal natural conditions in the air, soil and water environments without any human action or assistance.

This act shall be in effect and enforceable by any appropriate buyer or authority on (future enactment date).


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