The Final Solution to All of Our (U.S.A) Economic Problems 

Copyright 2013, John Manimas Medeiros


The SolutionEnforce financial equality:  Since for centuries capitalists have had the right and power to reduce or eliminate the need for human labor, henceforth, citizen laborers shall have the right and power to reduce or eliminate the need for capitalists.  (Eliminating capitalists by killing them shall not be permitted, even though capitalists killing workers has been permitted.)


Exposition:  The so-called Industrial Revolution, which started as a mechanical revolution and became an electrical and then electronic and then cybernetic revolution, has always been driven by the freedom of capitalists, investors, and industrialists -- employing their own skills as well as those of hired engineers and scientists – to replace human laborers with machines, therefore all we need to do is establish and implement a simple principle of equality:  our laws shall support the right of laborers to replace human capitalists with a source of capital support (money) that costs less than the costs of human capitalists.


Human capitalists are enormously expensive for workers. 


For example, here is a riddle for all to try to solve:  Name the society, or culture, or nation, in any time period and any location on planet Earth, where agricultural or industrial production – that is, private capitalism – occurred successfully without any involvement of government? 


The astute will see quickly that this riddle is kind of a joke, because anyone who knows anything about world history or political science knows that production has never occurred without government involvement, and what usually amounts to government support.  Rules are made, formally or informally, which establish more or less that the sovereign, whether king, tribal council, clan elders or elected representatives, support the project and the rules governing who will do the work and who will receive distribution of the benefits.  The granaries of Pharaoh were available to the people during a drought.


The expenses taken from the people to support private capitalists, to make them rich and keep them rich, are many, and profoundly large.  For example, all forms of subsidies are invented, many made to appear that the purpose is to give charity to the poor, when in fact the effect is to subsidize every form of agricultural and industrial production with government funds by enabling the capitalists – the private owners and investors of the productive land, buildings and machines – to pay less for the labor that they hire.  There are food subsidies, agencies that provide used clothing and minimal “affordable” housing, and medical care programs that use public tax funds --  MONEY TAKEN FROM THE POCKETS OF THE WORKING MAJORITY --  to pay rents to landlords, to pay for all the chemical junk foods sold in supermarkets, and to pay for heating fuels and to let the poor use the clothing that the rich wore once or twice, if at all, but no longer want because it is “out of fashion.”


The WORKING MASSES also have to pay taxes to build roads and other public buildings, and to provide for the education of their children so that they will have the skills that will make them productive workers, workers that will earn a profit for the capitalists and make them rich.  In the meantime, the capitalists are free to continue their permanent efforts to eliminate the need for human labor, and THEREIN THE EFFECT OF THE BEHAVIOR OF CAPITALISTS IS TO ELIMINATE THE SOURCE OF THE TAX FUNDS THAT MAKE CAPITALISM POSSIBLE.


Think clearly, my friend, about what would happen if our government stopped using tax funds to pay for ALL programs that subsidize the low wages paid by American capitalists.  Think clearly about what would happen if 10,000 unemployed citizens said to the government:  “Give us 30 million dollars (capital) and we will start a corporation that will never cost the government a dime.  We will pay all of our employees enough and provide for all forms of medical and health insurance.  Our 10,000 employees will never need to apply to the government for any benefit, not even for unemployment benefits.  We will pay our 10,000 employees enough, and establish ongoing emergency accounts for them, including retirement accounts, so that the government, federal, state and local, will never have to get involved and help pay for anything they need due to insufficient income.  That is what our economy would look like if the working people really were equal before the law and could take action to eliminate the need for capitalists.  The workers would save billions by not having to pay “executives” outrageously high salaries so that they can do real work and live like medieval nobility.


Another solution would be to give workers the power to print money when they need capital to start corporations that would never ask the government for subsidies.  This is also a way of implementing financial equality, enabling workers to print money when the nation needs it instead of restricting that privilege to the cynical, medieval minds who occupy the Federal Reserve Bank. 


Such a program of financial equality, if implemented sincerely and with appropriate scientific caution, could create a rational economy where there would be no more lying, thieving corporations stealing billions from the U. S. Treasury while persistently bleating the ridiculous deception that they are the “job creators.”  All employment is generated by public demand.


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