The Four Lethal Flaws of the Two Party System

There are FOUR LETHAL FLAWS IN THE dysfunctional two-party disaster.  To continue to rely on the two-party illness to result in a democratic election would be a political tragedy of cosmic scope.  The two-party system is destroying democracy in America because:

1)  (Reverse democracy)  It causes the reverse of implementing the will of the people.  When voters vote for a minor-party progressive candidate, those votes benefit conservative candidates.  When voters vote for a minor-party conservative candidate, those votes benefit progressive candidates.  Votes for any minor third party places the election of the President into the hands of the stale Congress, which keeps the subversive two-party partnership in control instead of the will of the people being in control. 

2)  (Forced polarity)  The two-party pathology causes both candidates and the media to conduct a fake discussion of the issues by formulating every issue as a "yes or no" or "for or against" problem, which is an oversimplification of real political and economic problems and "dumbing down" of the electorate and public debate.  The two-party pathology has led to liars, manipulators and hucksters arousing the emotions of the people with FALSE ISSUES of religious doctrines and moral philosophy WHICH ARE PERSONAL AND FAMILY ISSUES AND NOT THE BUSINESS OF GOVERNMENT AND WHICH DO NOT FALL WITHIN THE AUTHORITY OF ELECTED OFFICIALS.  Personal and family decisions are private and that privacy is protected by the Constitution, not subject to regulation by the Congress.  The two-party pathology poisons political and economic debate rather than having public debate serve as a healthy and effective path toward democratic decision-making.


3)  (Election can be easily fixed)  It is most vulnerable to anti-democratic interests and manipulative techniques, such as gerrymandering (vote capturing) election districts and acts of voter suppression, precisely because the outcome of an election with only two political parties can be fixed or controlled my discarding or adding only a handful of votes in a single district.  In other words, the two-party system promotes election fraud by election officials.


4)  (Vulnerable to control by money)  It is susceptible to the belief, on the part of the rich, that they can control the outcome of elections by contributing to the campaign finances of a candidate they prefer, and have the effect, in practice, of hiring a person to run for office so that if elected they can then promote the specific selfish interests of a handful of business entities instead of representing their constituents.  In other words, the two-party system promotes an effective anti-democratic process instead of a democratic process.  Conclusion:  The two-party tyranny obstructs majority rule, the first principle of democracy, and promotes minority rule by the nobility, oligarchy or plutocracy.  The larger decisions of society are far too important to be entrusted to experts and must be rendered by the wisdom of the people.  That is democracy:  majority rule with essential protection of minority factions by a constitutional commitment to essential civil rights.  An election system that moves either left or right as the voters so move is a democratic system.


My mission  (by John Manimas):

My mission is to offer a serious third choice to my fellow voters in America so that they can cast a protest vote against the two-party tyranny and begin to build a real democracy. 


Once citizens understand what I am doing and why I am doing it, they will be glad to know that they have the choice to cast a write-in vote for me, John Manimas, and against the two-party disaster and begin the process of building a multi-party system using vote donation and party-coalition government.  This IS NOT another third party or splinter party game.  This is a serious and dedicated effort, a long-term project, to dislodge a dysfunctional institution and replace it with real democracy, a system that implements the will of the people through elections that are as complete and accurate as credit card transactions and military control systems. 


The principles of the Real Democracy Party include discouragement of election fraud by election officials, automatic voter registration at birth and severe penalties for any form of voter suppression, vote capturing, or hiring persons to run for office to represent any entity or group other than all the residents of the election district.


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