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Here is The Primacy of Stewardship book summarized in a nutshell:

What the Gospel message says, and whether the message is credible,

is far more important than who Jesus was or whether there is life after death.

In The Nutshell

Survival of the Good Steward is Survival of the Fittest.

Serious democracy requires serious equality.

The Truth is the same no matter whence it came.


The source of the message is whatever you find the most convincing:

Jesus alone

Jesus with a special education

Jesus also with a lifetime of travel and learning from many cultures

Jesus as a messenger from a superior species

Jesus as God or God the Creator of the Universe


Whatever your convictions, you cannot see the Gospel message

with your own eyes, or with new eyes, unless you question the

presupposition that when the Speaker speaks, whoever he may be,

he believes that what we need most of all is moral guidance. You

must really consider the possibility that the Speaker, whether that

be God or someone who is not God, is teaching a scientific reality.

Not talking about heaven after death or a spiritual world but is

really talking about real life in the real universe on the real Earth.


Do you want the meat? The book The Primacy of Stewardship:

The Handbook for Christians Who Believe in Democracy, provides

the details that show how and why the Gospel is credible science.


Appetizer first? Try (How far out) is The Primacy of Stewardship? Anything else like it?

You can also view the brief (Geometry Nutshell) if you wish.

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