An old poem and new (JManimas Democracy Magazine, July 2009)

Sensaholic (Copyright 2009, John Manimas)

The beauty of the world is too much for me,

And I fear I cannot convey

The super-incredible unfolding of it,

A timeless flower-petalness Way.

My feet are on the eightfold path;

Your soul is in my eye;

My eye is in your soul.

No end is Nature's goal.

A sensaholic meta-hedonistic strain

Carries my self into a serene, orgasmic pain.

An exquisite roaring born reality swirls before me;

Within, somewhere, I feel what I do not see.

If the truth evolve today, I sense a truth I cannot say.

Though your truth be covered tight,

It dances in my secret sight.


The Birds Hide and Sing (Copyright 2009, John Manimas)

The birds hide and sing on the hemlock in our back yard.

They chirp and talk about the world, about what I have to do today

And what really matters and what matters less.

And how great it is that spring has come

And we have food again and such good food next to

The large nest of the lumbering giant

Who has no feathers and sprawls out on his lounge chair in the sun

Like he sprawls out across the land

And consumes the world as though

He must devour a thing if he loves it.

He dreams of sprawling across the seas and our Moonís backside.

Those birds, yellow and red, green and blue,

Peep and squeak and call out about the bad bird who did something bad,

And isnít it awful!

And about the good bird who was killed by a squirrel.

And isnít it a shame? And what can one do?

And does the sprawling giant who builds such large nests,

Nests as large as a mountain,

Know that he is stealing our trees?

Do they have a conscience?

Do they have any sense of decency?

They eat birds. Did you know that?

They eat everything. The eat trees and rocks.

Our days are numbered.

But the sunflower seeds are nice,

And have you tasted the Nyger?

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