Choose one of the following two presentation topics:

A) The Informational Gospel: The History of Western Civilization is Based on a Mistake,

A Case in Controversy on Science and Religion --- Eight Books on the Relationship Between Science and Religion. ... or ...

B) The Case Against President's War (1968 -2012) -- See "War" link on Welcome Page.

The important legal difference between a national war and a foreign policy war.


My mission: to teach the Informational Gospel -- The original message is important factual information.

To invite John to present an introduction to the Informational Gospel and science vs religion,

including The Primacy of Stewardship, call (802) 722-4308, or use other contact information on this website.

Use same contact procedure for presentation on The Case Against a President's War (1968 - 2012).

John has a carefully planned presentation that enables audience participation and offers those in attendance to stay briefly or extend the discussion if they wish. Ask for readings from the book if that is what you specifically prefer. The next presentation is not necessarily exactly the same as any previous presentation. I do not bring books for sale to the presentation.



Sunday, October 17, 2010: Chesterfield, New Hampshire: (Book Group #1)

Saturday, April 11, 2009: Village Square Booksellers, Bellows Falls, Vermont

The Informational Gospel: A reconciliation of science and religion that clearly articulates the hard science that is found in the teachings of Jesus when a reasonable person is looking for it. Argues that Jesus taught evolution as The Tree of Life, panspermia and stewardship as realities in how the universe works and not just stories of moral behavior. We are evaluated according to our conduct which means not according to any memberships. The kingdom of heaven is the kingdom of life. Jesus was a cosmic social worker who empowered us with information about the real, physical world. A brief introduction followed by open discussion for those who are interested. John generates many questions, such as: Are scientists and religionists really at war? How important is it that Christians who believe in democracy actively speak out about how science is compatible with religious faith and how religion is compatible with scientific faith?

Readers (Who Will Enjoy) The Primacy of Stewardship

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