The Public Environment Amendment:  A proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, for the purpose of protecting people and property from the destructive impulses of national and multi-national corporations:

The life-supporting natural environment is and shall ever be public property.  No law or legal fiction shall operate to reduce the accountability of an individual or business entity for environmental damage to air, climate, water or soil.  The people will not be obligated to pay for any environmental damages through taxation unless caused directly by governmental action.  The cost of all environmental damage caused by a manufactured product must be included in the market price of that product.  If the manufacturer of a product is or was a corporation, a legal sale, dissolution or bankruptcy shall cause the original managers, officers and trustees of the manufacturing corporation (and their heirs, agents and assigns) to be held personally liable for all product damages, and their personal property and assets, including all foreign assets, shall be obligated to pay for environmental damage as the first creditor before all others.  The behavior of buyers as intervening custodians, such as wholesalers, storage facilities, merchants and final consumers, shall not reduce the liability of the manufacturer who engages in the manufacture of the product for the purpose of monetary profit, except in those cases where the harmful character of the product was initially absent and was later caused and created solely by the act or omission of the intervening custodian.

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