Rise Up and Resist!

Join the Purple Gang to Win the Revolution by Vote



The Purple Gang

Don't be red.  Don't be blue.

Exert your power, do something new.

Let purple be the color of resistance,

to end the sick two-party persistence.

I'm not a gray elephant.

I'm not a gray donkey.

I'm a free purple porpoise,

not a two-party monkey.

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Kill the Gerrymander!

The Purple Gang voting program is the No Safe District Program:  This is a crucial step in the process of removing the Two-Party Tyranny and replacing it with real democracy and a multi-party system.  To exercise the most power in the resistance, the voters change their voter color from red or blue to purple.  This is accomplished by changing one's voter registration record as a member of a specific political party to "independent"  --  that is, not affiliated with any political party.  If a small percentage of voters in every voting district change their registration to "independent," then the two-party partnership would not be able to designate a voting district as "safe" (by Gerrymander) for any candidate of either party in the two-party scam.  In real democracy, if the voters lean to the left, their votes benefit the left-leaning candidates and implement public policies and laws that lean to the left, and if the voters lean to the right, their votes benefit the right-leaning candidates and implement public policies and laws that lean to the right.


Any viewer of this website is free to use a purple porpoise or the words "Purple Gang" as a representation of dissatisfied voters who want to remove and replace the two-party system.  The name and symbol may be legitimately employed by voters who are thinking about voting against the two-party system and wish to deny their designation as safely in the pocket of either major party.  The Purple Gang  IS NOT a third party, spoiler party or splinter party.  It is a plan to resist the corruption, racial conflict and economic oppression perpetrated on our society and nation by the two-party tyranny.   


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