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A strong and healthy Christian organization that practices and defends the social justice Gospel, and the economic and environmental dimensions of social justice.



Democracy for America:

A website for those who have faith that the American people can create a real democracy. Directions: read, study, discuss, mix with action.

(Democracy for America)



A website for those who hunger for the truth, even if it is bad news. Directions: think about how you will support an informed populace.




Directions: think about who is deceiving, who is being deceived, and why; and how do we develop a system of citizen journalism that keeps us informed of the truth? This site can be disturbing because it proposes that our leaders control the people with lies.

(Deceptions USA)


Forbidden Knowledge TV

Directions: Consider the possibility that much, or even all, of this "forbidden knowledge" is essentially valuable information that somebody wants to keep to themselves. Remember the old saying "knowledge is power." If true, than your power, and mine, is determined by our knowledge.

(Forbidden Knowledge TV)


Change dot org-anization

Directions: Check this site regularly if you are one of those wildly radical citizens who believes that there is room for improvement in "the world's greatest democracy."



9/11 Experts Speak Out dot org-anization: Evidence of Controlled Demolition of Twin Towers and Building 7

Directions: View this site if you have wondered why these steel-framed buildings fell flat when the steel structures were intact.

(9/11 Demolition of World Trade Center)


Other sites and keywords to search for:

Biomimicry -- technology that imitates nature instead of heat and junk generating technology.

Biomimicry Institute - PO Box 9216, Missoula, MT 59807, 406-728-4134. Best solutions to replace environmentally destructive technologies.

(Biomimicry) Institute

Iroguois Confederacy - 6 nations - world's oldest constitutional democracy, used as guide for Constitution of the United States of America.



Biomimicry: innovation inspired by nature, by Janine Benyus. Technology that imitates nature instead of heat and junk generating technology. Best solutions to replace environmentally destructive technologies.

The Aquatic Ape (1982), by Elaine Morgan - Describes best theory of how quadripedal ape became bipedal through process of life at the seashore and in the water. This is the best theory because apes would naturally increase safety of offspring by escaping into the water where many predators would not go. They learned to stand upright and then to swim in order to breath while maintaining the water barrier against predators. Even the human nose is part of this evolution - water flows into the vertical opening of other primates. Also, the imitating apes would learn to throw clams into the air in order to break them like sea birds who drop them on rocks from the air. The apes would also have observed how to make tools by watching the waves make tools, making round rocks jagged by breaking them, and making jagged rocks round and smooth by rubbing them together. Some seashells have hard, sharp edges, blades. The stones rounded to oval shapes, egg shapes and spherical shapes and the seashells would have been our first tools. First they were found on the shore. Later, the ape becoming human would have understood that they could change a rock's shape, which means making a tool. While this technological evolution was going on, the aquatic ape would also have developed it's ability to communicate with facial expressions, and then fake facial expressions at will, act funny. That is why my teacher in elementary school said to us "Stop your monkeyshines" which means stop being silly and making faces at one another. Making a face means pretending or faking an emotion. We are the only animal in the world that does that. Many animals, especially apes, monkeys and dogs, can make facial expressions that convey their feelings, but only humans can act, can make an expression that is not their true current feeling, can act. Later, the ape that knew it could make tools would lose its fear of fire, and discover that fire, a process, is the first and most powerful tool. It increases safety and security, and it enables more technology, including cooking and sterilization, as well as protection from predators and cold. I agree with Morgan that we found our bipedal locomotion and how to make tools at the seashore.

Descent of Woman (1972), by Elaine Morgan - Description of how early evolution of humankind had much to do with the needs and lives of the females, primary caretakers of the offspring, and not just the hunting and fighting skills of the males.


DVDs and films, documentaries...

The 11th Hour (2007) With narration by Leonardo DiCaprio, directed by Leila and Nadia Conners, best description of our environmental problems, best discussion of practical solutions and guiding principles. Don't skip the "extras" such as solutions and religious perspectives.

Koyaanisqatsi: life out of balance (1982) Presented by Francis Ford Coppola, directed by Godfrey Reggio, inspiring poetic imagery of Earth and Earth history, frantic civilization as layer over enduring life. Conveys the emotional feeling of the persistent natural environment and contrasting social and technology environment. Teaches one's heart and soul as well as one's mind.

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