Revolution by Vote:

Replacing the Two-party See-saw


Up and down secured in place:

The American people will save their democracy and their country ONLY if they recognize that the Two-Party Partnership is a political see-saw that moves them up and down with each election but keeps the nation stuck in one place like the cemented support fulcrum of a see-saw.


The evidence is clear.  Party officials have made statements like "Winners make the laws and losers go home."  There has been no cooperation and compromise between the two parties since the 1970's.  Elected officials have stated publicly that they will not compromise and they have clearly demonstrated their determination to make no compromises in their legislative goals.  The political process in the United States of America effectively enforces minority rule.  Forty percent of the voters abstain, and only slightly more than one-half of the sixty percent who do vote determine who is elected to the positions of power.  Therefore, we Americans are ruled by approximately thirty-one percent (31%) of the people.  How can that be the practice of a country that is proclaimed to be "the greatest democracy in the world"?  We have the most advanced military force and the richest nobility in the world, but we cannot be any kind of democracy if we have minority rule.  We can correct this problem by demanding party coalitions and vote sharing in a multi-party system, because such a multi-party system would enable the voters to place ruling power in the hands of a legitimate majority.


The Revolution by Vote is open opposition to the two-party system:

To demand real democracy, we have to make the rules.  We write-in our votes either for "John Manimas" or "Real Democracy Party."  We do this for the office of President, or Senator, or Representative or any elective office.  We have stated publicly here and established that these write-in votes are a "Revolution by Vote," a vote against the two-party system and a vote for party coalitions and vote sharing in a multi-party system.  In a real democracy the voters determine what new ideas will be included in government policies and programs by voting for a political party that represents their wishes.  When the majority of votes lean to the right, the candidates elected and the policies lean to the right.  When the majority of votes lean to the left, the candidates elected and the policies lean to the left.

We vote against the two-party system because the Republicans and Democrats have become learning-impaired twins who are destroying our democracy and American society.


What we are voting for when we write in our revolutionary vote is the Seven Principles of the Real Democracy Party:


The Seven Non-negotiable Principles of the Real Democracy Party:


1)  All elections of legislators and executives shall include vote donation and coalition government or coalition party government, including the presidential electoral votes cast by each and all of the states' presidential electors in the Electoral College;


2)  Every citizen shall be registered to vote at birth and remain registered and eligible and registered throughout their life subject only to accurate records for changes of address and voting districts or absentee voting categories;


3)  Gerrymandering of districts or designing voting districts in any manner intended to enclose an identified demographic group or predicted voting pattern shall be illegal.  Any form of voter suppression shall be illegal, including any application or identification  requirement imposed upon a citizen.  All voter identification requirements shall be provided by the state and federal governments to each voter.  There shall be severe felony penalties for any act of gerrymandering, election manipulation or voter suppression, including but not limited to incarceration without parole and monetary fines imposed on individuals and election authorities where the crime occurred. 


4)  The communications and recording technology for elections shall be publicly owned or in the public domain and shall be as advanced as that used for space exploration systems or free market financial transactions.


5)  At each election each voter shall be provided with a paper print out of the votes that they have cast at that election.


6)  There shall be a National Elections Commission (NEC), subject at least in part to local and state committee review, that shall have the power to monitor and prescribe elections technology and elections management and supervision.  The National Elections Commission shall have the power of investigation and indictment for election authority crimes.  The NEC shall be assigned the duty to recommend elections technology and procedures to all election authorities in all states, municipalities, counties and election districts.


7)  The new elections system, however designed, shall always provide for direct implementation of the will of the people through the elections process.  This means that if the voters lean to the left, their votes shall benefit the left-leaning candidates and implement public policies and laws that lean to the left, and if the voters lean to the right, their votes shall benefit the right-leaning candidates and implement public policies and laws that lean to the right.                        - end -


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