The Threshold Theory of Light

Copyright 2014, John Manimas Medeiros


The data presented to us by the instruments of physical science have led us to some interesting problems. We have discovered indirect evidence of "dark energy" and "dark matter." Something is missing from our understanding of the universe because our doctrine of gravity does not provide enough inward force to prevent the universe from flying apart. But, the universe is not flying apart. It is deemed to be expanding, but each galaxy and the entire universe is held together by forces we do not understand. So, we have multiple theories about how the universe works and give odd names to what we do not understand, such as "dark matter" and "anti-matter" strings and ribbons and fluffer matter.


I propose that the current data can be explained by my Threshold Theory of Light, or, Threshold Theory for the Velocity of Light. This proposition will probably be deemed without merit by physicists, but that only confirms my view of the world anyway. Our modern religion is science, and our scientists are our priests, and they are just as authoritarian and afraid of doubt as a medieval Roman Catholic priest.


Here is what I believe is the explanation of the body of data we have. The universe is not acting out the later stages of a "Big Bang." All that is detected and observed is the result of the fact that light does not travel like a larger object would, sustaining a velocity that is gradually diminished by a continuous loss of momentum from the initial momentum down to "zero" momentum. Light, instead, is composed of particles that possess a "threshold velocity" due to an energy threshold. And by "threshold velocity" I mean the light (particle and or wave) travels at a given initial velocity, which we have identified as approximately 186,200 miles per second, and then slows down over cosmic distances, and then when it slows down to a specified percentage I am guessing about 93% of the initial velocity it STOPS. It goes out like the flame of a candle snuffed by the wind.


This threshold velocity view explains how we observe the "red shift" because light does slow down over cosmic distances. It also explains why we see only the red shift and we do not see stars go through all of the color spectrum, which would be expected if light were slowing down continually from initial velocity to zero. Instead, we see "dark matter" which means we are detecting, indirectly, what seems to be matter that emits no light. There it is. The reason we do not see light being emitted is not because no light was ever emitted, but rather it was emitted but has passed the lower threshold of light energy and when it does meet that lower threshold it simply stops and is no longer detectable light. It becomes what physicists have named "background radiation." This "background radiation" is supposed to be the remnant of the Big Bang, but it is not. It is "spent light." It is the remnant of light that has traveled long enough and far enough to reach the lower threshold velocity and it is no longer light as we know light. But, the source of the original light, the light that has stopped and is no longer detectable by a light detecting instrument, DOES STILL EXIST. It is either a cold body or a star that no longer emits light, and the light that it emitted long ago is "spent" or stopped. Therefore, it still exerts an influence through such forces as gravity but it is not visible to an instrument that detects electromagnetic radiation. That is the "dark matter" that is detected indirectly by exerting a force, or forces, but is not emitting light.


Therefore, if my Threshold Theory of Light is correct, the red shift is not proof that the universe is expanding. We will have to use other measurements to determine how galaxies and stars move in relation to one another. We are still beginners. The Big Bang will become as curious as the flat Earth on the back of a turtle.


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