You Must Vote for One Party Only:

Because the Two Party System Has Become the Alternative Party System

Copyright  2014, John Manimas Medeiros


The two-party system has been identified as unsustainable by Ralph Nader in the 1960s, by Bernie Sanders in the 1970s and by many others since the suspicious assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  The purpose of this brief essay is to offer an observation on how the two-party system is doomed to collapse by its own destructive evolution.  Many Americans have noticed how dysfunctional it is, how it works like only one party really, and how it gets worse as time goes on.  A handful of destructive patterns have evolved that I believe will surely destroy any valid democratic process in the American electoral system, not by action of citizens groups or by deliberate political planning, but by the natural deterioration of the two-party system into the "alternative party system" and then the one party only system, because the three branches of the federal government no longer function effectively unless one party controls all three branches.

A)  Gerrymandering, red states and blue states:  counting the votes before the election.

B)  No need to discuss the issues, just vent, emote and predict.

C)  Election debate fogged by moral dilemmas and philosophical issues that are not the business   of government.

D)  Insulting the electorate and excluding the people from the real political issues.

E)  Lobbyists running for office, and getting elected.

F)  The best technology for credit cards and video games, the worst technology for national, state            and local elections.

G)  The incapacity to genuinely compete and compromise is corroding the two-party system.  We, the people, don't have to kill it; we just have to bury it and build the replacement before the funeral service is over.


Therefore, in a nutshell, the age of compromise is over.  The chance for having the two parties work together to find middle ground no longer exists.  A voter must choose which policies to support.  If you support the policies of the Democratic Party, you must vote for only Democratic candidates, and likewise if you support the policies of the Republican Tea Party, you must vote for only Republican candidates.  The reason for this is simple:  if you split your vote, and vote for a President from one party and a Senator, or Representative or Governor from another party, you are voting to continue the dysfunctional government that results from childish bickering and corruption of the political process.  If you split your vote, and political power is split, the function of government will be obstructed, guaranteed.  The only way to get a government that begins and completes effective action is to vote for one party and only one party.


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