JManimas site updates:

After 1/1/2009, in descending order:

January 2012: Added details, cross links, links to video on "The Empire is Not the Nation" and "Religion Teacher Peace Treaty."

October 2011 -- December 2011: Major revisions and sharpen focus of website -- added The Case Against a President's War here, and at the separate website restricted to the topic of a foreign policy war versus a national war: (Case APW) .

January 2011 -- September 2011: ongoing Survival Series and JMDM magazine, 2011 - Survival Series removed 12/31/11.

December, 2010: added video page and video (on YouTube) "Religion for Adults" - 9 minutes.

November, 2010: Improvements in appearance, links, added Websites of Interest, continuing online magazine.

To end of October, 2010: Major additions to welcome page design and navigation links, removed voice and chime introduction.

Early October, 2010: added alphabetical directory, Help for your spiritual journey, embeded chime and voice welcome, and taking steps to change fonts.

September 20, 2010: added One Clock, Two Measurements, One Duration (JMDM), and Time List.

August 28, 2010: added Guide for Studying the New Testament Gospels as a Scientific Document.

August 2010: added more brief descriptions of book (POS) and JMDM articles for September.

April to July 2010: monthly editions of JManimas Democracy Magazine -- revised welcome page and icon buttons July 2010 -- removed order forms.

10/4/2009 to March 2010: added information about book and periodical essays in JManimas Democracy Magazine (JMDM).

10/3/2009: added the pearl of great price.

9/28/2009: added Maybe Nations Stink to JMDM

9/10/2009: Sweet September, added How the Mathematicians Failed Civilization.

8/29/2009: JM Democracy Magazine for September, added three brief Green essays.

8/14/2009: Revised references to book and where to buy, comments section, stewardship action groups list.

8/5/2009: Added new start on welcome page and Journey List.

7/25/2009: Added JMDM for July, and on 7/26/09 added synopsis of geometry.

6/26/2009: Added JMDM for July.

5/26/2009: Added JMDM for June and Smoke Eater 2.

5/14/2009: Added The Smoke Eater and smoke button to the Journey List.

5/10/2009: Added A Child, a Particle and pi to the Journey List.

4/22/2009: Added JMDM for May, and A Child, a Particle and pi.

3/21/2009: Added JMDM for April.

3/7/2009: Added book photos to cover image.

2/22/2009: Add JMDM for March, revised book review request.

2/15/2009: Adding bookstores, presentations planned.

2/10/2009: Added discount prices, free presentation.

1/31/2009: Added credit card order form, revised order form pages, capricorn construction two.

1/26/2009: Revised JManimas Democracy Magazine webpage, added JMDM for February.

1/25/2009: Added compact alphabetical link list for Welcome to Aquarius 2000-2008.

1/24/2009: Added Journey List, other link edits.

1/17/2009: added Who Will Enjoy and Review Request and appropriate links.

1/7/2009: efficiency edits to postal ordering pages. [Credit card ordering in the works.]

1/3/2009: Fill-in order form, amended links on ordering pages.

Many updates from December 2000 to 12/16/2008. 12/16/2008: Index, Treasure of History, Contact

12/17/2008: Index, Contact. 12/29/2008: Index, JM Democracy Magazine 2009, new book order form page.

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